Emergency Procedures

Severe Weather

Weather radios are monitored from several different locations at Northpark. They monitor the National Weather Service and an alarm is generated if severe weather conditions exist in Fulton, Cobb and Dekalb Counties.

TORNADO WATCHES: Are issued for areas threatened by tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. These watches specify a time period and area where tornado probabilities are highest. Look for threatening weather and stay turned to radio for more information.

TORNADO WARNINGS: Are issued when a tornado has been sighted or indicated by radar. Warnings describe the area that could be affected. Take cover immediately.

Stay away from windows, glass doorways and outside walls. Close the doors to exterior offices and go to interior small rooms or into inside hallways away from any glass. Protect your head and crouch down making yourself as small a target as possible.

We recommend your company formulate a plan to respond accordingly when an announcement of a tornado warning is made.

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Severe Weather