Emergency Procedures

General Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures Manual

Listed below are steps that should be followed in almost every type of emergency:

  1. Remain calm. Panic can cause more damage in many cases than the emergency itself.
  2. Contact the appropriate party immediately and relate all pertinent information (address, office number, name, etc.)
  3. Do not become a spectator. Go away from, not toward, the problem area. Avoid getting in the way of emergency personnel.
  4. Follow directions of those in charge of the situation.

We strongly recommend that each customer establish an internal procedure for handling emergency situations. An office representative should be appointed and given the responsibility of coordinating emergency procedures in cooperation with the Northpark Management. It will be his/her responsibility to remain by the telephone and relay instructions from authorities to your office staff.

The customer’s representative should be familiar with the location of all emergency exits and the telephone numbers of all emergency services as outlined in the manual. Northpark Management should have the name and telephone number (both during and after office hours) of the customer’s representative.

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General Emergency Procedures