Emergency Procedures

Bomb Threat

Most bomb threats prove to be false alarms, but for safety’s sake the following procedures should be followed:

  • Keep calm.
  • Utilizing the enclosed “Bomb Threat Checklist”, obtain as much information as possible and record it on the form.
  • Notify Northpark Management at 770.668.8000 immediately after the call is received. Follow directions given by Northpark Management.
  • Search your office. Today’s explosive materials can be concealed in an infinite number of ways and in small, “normal” appearing packages.
  • Keep a lookout for strange or suspicious items. DO NOT TOUCH any suspicious items. Some bombs are set to detonate upon movement.
  • Report any suspicious item to Northpark Management.
  • Clear the immediate area if a suspect object is discovered.
  • Remember, outside personnel will not know your area as well as you do. What appears commonplace to the outsider may well be out of place to you.
  • Evacuate, if necessary.

In rare circumstances, the authorities will advise you to evacuate. More often, however, it becomes a judgement call on the part of each customer as to how serious the situation and threat appears. Evacuation is a decision that must be made by your company. We strongly recommend that you establish guidelines and procedures well in advance so as to be prepared for a response on short notice in the event it becomes necessary to make such a decision.

Bomb Threat Checklist


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Bomb Threat