Emergency Procedures

Life Safety Systems

The building is fully sprinkled and equipped with two emergency ventilation systems in accordance with the Fulton County High Rise Safety Code.

The office building has a Life Safety System consisting of a Fire Alarm, Voice Communication and Emergency Phone System. The Life Safety System receives normal power from the utility company. In the event of a power failure, the system automatically transfers to the building’s standby emergency generator.

The activation of a fire alarm initiating device (manual fire alarm pull station, ceiling smoke detector, duct detector or sprinkler water flow switch) shall cause the following to occur.

  1. Alarm will initially sound on floor where alarm originated, floor above and floor below. After 10 minutes, the building will go into General Alarm.
  2. Stairwell pressurization fans will turn on
  3. Stairwell doors will unlock
  4. Air handlers will shut down
  5. All magnetically held smoke doors will release

If a smoke alarm is activated in the elevator vestibule, elevator machine room or elevator shaft, elevators will return to the pre-designated recall floors and lock down with doors open.

The piping system is equipped with valve position and water flow switches to assure readiness of the system and alarm upon activation of the water system. An emergency generator provides power to the fire pumps to assure operation if normal electric service is lost.

The emergency ventilation system is automatically started upon actuation of the fire alarm system. The ventilation system pressurizes the stairwells to allow emergency evacuation from the building.

Duct detectors and smoke detectors as required by Code shut down air handling units and fans.

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Life Safety Systems