Emergency Procedures


What to do in the case of a fire in the building:

  1. Call 911. Then call Northpark Management at 770.668.8000 immediately. If after hours, call Northpark Security. Time is of the essence. Report the situation in detail. Security or Engineering will respond at once to investigate.
  2. Pull the fire alarm. Each floor has a fire alarm pull station located by each stairwell. If the signal is pulled, loud horn blasts will be heard on the fire floor and the floor above and below.
  3. Wait to evacuate your floor until the strobes and horns are activated on your floor. Once you can see the strobes and hear the horns on your floor, evacuate quickly but calmly via the stairwells. Close the door behind you. Do not attempt to use the elevator.
  4. If you are trapped by fire, remain in your office with the doors closed. Close all the doors and block the threshold. If possible, look for a second exit from the room. Do not open the door without feeling it first to determine if it is hot.
  5. Never use a fire extinguisher alone. Have a co-worker with you at all times. If the fire is not contained, do not attempt to extinguish it. Leave this for properly trained individuals.
  6. If you are required to evacuate, walk rapidly to the stairwell nearest your office. Remove high-heeled shoes to lessen the danger of tripping.
  7. Once outside the building, move to the assembly area. Avoid interfering with the fire department.

You will be notified when conditions are once again safe.

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